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OnTrak Personal Training offers a wide variety of services.

We are also happy to customize a program to meet your individual needs.

One-on-One Personal Training

This is just what it says. An OnTrak Personal Training trainer will develop a fitness routine based on your needs, goals, and body type.  The client receives our trainer's undivided attention during our 30 minute or hour-long session. 

Group Strength Training


OnTrak Personal Training will strength train people in groups ranging from 2-4 people.  This option makes it more affordable for people to have a personal trainer.  OnTrak Personal Training trainers work twice as hard to maintain a sense of one-on-one traning. 

Assisted Stretching Techniques


At OnTrak Personal Training we use different hands-on stretching techniques to help people increase or maintain their flexibility. Great for athletes, gymnasts, or those suffering from lower back problems or arthritis.

Sports Training

Young athletes learn the correct technique for weight training, olympic lifts, agility drills, speed drills, etc.  OnTrak Personal Training will educate the athlete on diet, sports nutrition, and supplements. We also teach them about injury prevention and good sportsmanship practices.

Metabolic Testing

This is a test, administered by an OnTrak Personal Training professional to measure how many calories you burn at rest.  By simply breathing into a mouthpiece for a few minutes, the MetaCheck measures the amount of Oxygen in the air and then how much Carbon Dioxide you breathe out.  Your Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) is then calculated.  From that number, you can determine exactly how many calories you need to lose or gain weight.  This can be very beneficial to athletes, or for those struggling to meet healthy body weight goals.



Diet Consultations/Nutritional Counseling

It's important that OnTrak Personal Training clients have an understanding of basic nutrition so they can make healthy choices. The diet consultation is built around the client's needs, but typically includes a discussion of food groups, portion sizes, and healthy food choices for the individual.



Body Fat Calculations

To measure body fat, OnTrak Personal Training trainers use the Lange skinfold calipers and the seven-sight skinfold calculation from the American College of Sports Medicine.  This enables us to confirm that you are losing body fat as you begin to get healthy.  If someone is not comfortable with having this type of "pinch" test, we can use an Omron body fat loss monitor.  This is not as accurate, but gives us a starting point.

Written Workout Programs

Sometimes people just need a change in routine, or a workout that can be done at home. At OnTrak Personal Training, we develop different exercise programs for your needs or goals.  Your personalized workout can be very general to very specific.



Troy Crawford, lead trainer of OnTrak Personal Training, often speaks to small groups about anything from nutrition and diet to exercise and injury prevention.  He educates hrough the use of visual aids and participation from the class.




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