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Patrick has been involved with hockey for two decades locally and nationally. Patrick grew up playing hockey, and from an early age it sparked his passion for fitness. Patrick has always been an active person, but it was the discipline that he gained from playing competitive sports that showed him his true passion in the fitness field. Patrick learned through his faith that balance is required in all things, and that is what he applies to his training philosophy. Patrick believes you cannot leave out any part of the sphere of exercise or you will be unbalanced. He likes to build from the ground up with quality stretching, core strength, balance, and conditioning before moving into more specific fitness goals. His desire is to see every one of his clients succeed in every area of health and fitness. Let Patrick help you map out a way to stay ON TRAK with your goals.


Whatever your current fitness condition, whatever your future goals may be, Patrick has the knowledge and the experience to help you reach those goals. His style of personal training is FUN and he'll have you wanting to make healthy eating and exercise a staple part of your lifestyle. You can reach Patrick at 615-513-2477


ACE- Certified Personal Trainer



From an early age, Jamie has been thoroughly involved  with soccer, from recreational to elite travel, to the ODP State team, and finally in college. Jamie developed a love for fitness in his teenage years that he still uses today as a tool to guide himself and others. Through proper discipline and guidance, he has also managed to gain the highest reward in scouting, Eagle Scout. He believes that a good dose of balance in all realms of life is essential for growth and prosperity. He also believes that while ability may be relatively fixed, effort is not; and that if you believe you can or you cannot, you are probably right.

Jamie is a firm believer that strong core training, conditioning, and balance is key to developing stability, mobility, and overall strength. He also believes that if you can envision and imagine it happening, then it absolutely can, not only in the gym but in everyday life.

“You don’t have to be great to start, you have to start to be great”

For any fitness goals at whatever level you may be, Jamie can be reached at 615-479-2422.

ACE Certified Personal Trainer

God Bless!!

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