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Actions speak louder than words. At OnTrak Personal Training we're all about action. Our clients prove that our methodology and programs earn results!


Personal Trainer Franklin TN can help you achieve your goals like Penny!

Penny is 47 years old.  In this picture Penny is around 13% body fat. Penny suffers from osteoporosis, but she doesn't let it keep her down. OnTrak Personal Training has customized a workout and nutrition plan to meet her specific needs. She also has 3 children. Her boys are all in our nation's military, (see the story on News Channel 5). Penny is one of my most hard working clients. Watch her do some pull ups.


Personal Trainer Franklin TN can help your achieve your goals like Sarah!
Personal Trainer Franklin TN can help you reach your goals like Sarah!


Sarah has achieved great sucess with OnTrak Personal Training. Through a combination program including exercise and nutuion, Sarah has lost close to 70lbs.  Sarah is one of the most positive people.  Not only has she achieved much success in her fitness goals but she has also beaten cancer not once, but twice.  She is an inspiration to everyone.


OnTrak Personal Training wants people to see what is real.  What exactly does 3%, 7%, or 10% loss of body fat mean? For math purposes only...If a person is 200 lbs and is 20% body fat, that means that person has 40lbs of fat on them.  If a person is 200 lbs and is 10% body fat that means they have 20lbs of fat on them or a difference of 20 lbs, so a 10% change means 20 lbs of actual pure fat that is lost.


BRENDA went from 36% body fat to 29% body fat in 4 weeks. (She is in her late 50's)


JOHN went from 29% body fat to 23% body fat in 2 months (John is 48 years old)


WILLIAM went from 23% body fat to 19% body fat in 4 weeks (William is in his early 40's)


*Testimonials provided by clients of:

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